7 Reasons a Strong Sales Team is the Most Important Investment You Will Make

Salespeople are brand ambassadors, experts on their company's product/service, experts on their market, and must know the needs of the customer and understand how to develop the product offering around the customer's needs.

3 Steps to Growing Your Business

.  When we grow our businesses, we are so gung-ho on continuing to generate large monthly sales numbers, or accrue more assets, or see an increasingly large cash-flow, that we can forget to ensure our building blocks are still in place.  Are our customers happy?  Are our customers returning? Are our internal bookkeeping and accounting processes still firing on all cylinders?  Pick an area of your business and ask yourself “Is this growing consistent with our sales?” 

Be A Mentor: Tales From a First Time Manager

Through all these experiences, whether it be overseeing a group of 6 students on a consulting project, or being the sales-lead at a retail store, I was able to learn more about myself as a manager.  I learned that being a manager, for me, doesn’t mean walking around with a clipboard and making notes or checking off boxes. It isn’t about micromanaging and checking over the work of your team members, but rather being a leader and teacher for them.

The Mind of an Entrepreneur

It wasn’t some groundbreaking new concept or product, but it was something I wanted to explore more.  So, I reopened my journal and jotted down a quick note so I wouldn’t forget.  Flash-forward twenty minutes later (roughly 11:15) and I’m sitting at the foot of my bed debating whether or not I should run across the hall and just work this idea out on my whiteboards.